Transaction Disputes
You’ve been through your credit card statement and find some transactions you believe may be incorrect.
What’s the next step? Here are some guidelines on how to go about querying a transaction. Please remember that keeping all your credit card receipts will help us to resolve your query as quickly as possible.

Q: What do I do if I find that a transaction has been duplicated?
If the reference numbers, dates and amounts are the same, just call us on (011) 241 1000 and we will credit the amount to your card. If the reference numbers are not the same, but the date of the transaction and the amounts are the same, we will need you to fax us a letter of dispute to enable us to investigate, and reverse the amount if necessary.

Q: What if the amount of the transaction is wrong?
We will need you to fax us a letter disputing the amount, plus a copy of the relevant credit card voucher as proof that the incorrect amount was debited to your account.

Q: I have cancelled a debit order that was going through my credit card, but the debits are still coming off each month. What do I do?
If you have cancelled the debit order in writing and the debits are still coming through, just fax us a copy of the cancellation letter. All the debits from the date of the letter will be reversed.

Q: I ordered goods and paid for them with my credit card but never received them. I now want the amount to be credited to my account. What’s the next step?
Once again, please fax us a letter with full details of the purchase and we will credit the amount to your card.

Q: I returned some items I had purchased and a credit voucher was issued. However, the credit has never shown up on my credit card statement.
If 45 days have passed and the credit is still not reflecting on your account, please fax us a letter and a copy of the credit voucher issued to you by the merchant. This also applies if a credit voucher went through as a debit on your account.

PLEASE NOTE: Queries involving Standard Bank’s merchants may take a minimum of 14 days to resolve. Queries involving the merchants of other banks may take a minimum of 21 working days to resolve. Letters of dispute and other relevant documentation may be faxed to Standard Bank Card Division on the fax number (011) 838 7203.