Frequently Asked Questions..
Q: How can I prevent transactions being charged back to my account?
A: Some of the most common causes for Chargebacks are:
    Always obtain a signature from your customer and ensure that the signature on the card matches the signature on the sales voucher.
    Always check that the date the transaction is taking place falls between the “valid from” date and the “expires end” date which appears on the front of the card.
    Never split or disguise a transaction in any way in order to avoid authorisation.
    If you have key-entered a transaction using an electronic terminal, you must obtain an imprint of the card being presented and have the customer sign the imprinted voucher. This will prove that the card and the cardholder were present at the time of the transaction. If the purchase amount exceeds your floor limit, you must also telephone for a voice authorization. For more information, please phone the Standard Bank Merchant Services Helpdesk. (011) 241 1200
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