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  • The problem can be of technical nature in which case you need to inform the webmaster.
  • or The page you viewed previously may have expired due to browser inactivity.
  • or You are not authorised to view the page.
  • or Your browser does not allow cookies without your implicit consent.

  • If your browser does not allow cookies..
    Internet Explorer.
    • Select 'Tools' from the Menu Bar.
    • Select 'Internet Options...' from the drop down menu.
    • Click on the 'Security' tab.
    • Click on 'Trusted Sites'.
    • Click the 'Sites' button.
    • Type '' in the 'Add...' textbox.
    • Click the add button.
    • Ensure that the 'Web sites' box contains ''.
    • Click 'OK' twice.
    • Return to the Website you came from and re-do the transaction.